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by Jason Davies on June 23, 2010

Several clients asked me to write an article regarding computer repair companies and data recovery. Their questions relate to the types of techniques used by the typical computer place vs. what you would get with a professional shop that specializes in data recovery.  I hope some of the ideas here will help you make an informed decision.

When a piece of technology breaks; a digital camera, computer, memory chip, etc. the typical thought is, “bring it to the local computer repair guy.” Have him try it, and there is no harm in doing so. Unfortunately, this can be the biggest mistake a person can make for successful data retrieval.

The equipment itself dictates the way data is stored on a device, and where it is scattered is a function of the operating system. Think of a hard drive as a multi-layered salad.  The data is stored as bits, and these bites make up bytes; and bytes are stored in sectors; and sectors are stored on tracks etc. Without going into engineering detail, there is a lot to know about the physical aspect of the data storage. Computer repair places are typically good at fixing the logical issues, but when it comes to physical issues on a hard drive, knowing what to do and more importantly what not to do matters most.

If a hard drive is “clicking” most of the time, an issue in the system area causes it. The system area is a place where instructions for the hard drive operations are stored. This area is impossible to modify without proper tools, and a full understanding of firmware. My concern with typical computer shops is that they do not know where to stop, and cause damage to the critial system area.

I received a hard drive from a client as a second opinion. A local computer shop gave up when the drive would not stop clicking.  They attempted to read data off a drive with a bad pre-amplifier and did a huge amount of damage to the drive. The pre-amplifier takes the signal from the hard drive read head and magnifies it.  What would have been a simple procedure was now a difficult and complex failure, resulting in expensive repairs.

Another misleading problem with hard drive crashes is repair software. The thought that a piece of software can fix a hard drive is a bad idea. People use recovery software and cause significant corruption of data. The notion that data recovery is a do it yourself project is wrong. For example, the Windows operating system writes data to hard drives even when you are not accessing the drive directly. This writing could trigger a drive to over-write things. Had the drive been properly accessed with the right tools, this would not happen.

When selecting someone to restore your memories and years of data, make sure they are qualified by asking questions. Write blocking is necessary when working on damaged drives. If the person on the end of the line has no clue about it, move onto the next professional. If a drive needs opening, make sure the recovery company has a clean room facility to do the work.

In conclusion, many reputable data recovery companies will not charge for an examination of the drive. TechRx, Inc. offers free shipping too. It pays to get an expert opinion first. If your data is important, do not look to your computer tech. Trust the certified and professional experts at TechRx, Inc. 920.884.1195.

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