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Municipal Technology, Fortinet Phone Systems, Meraki networking, Samsung and Sony professional video solutions along with LifeSize conferencing. Finally, Bose audio speakers to make conference audio perfect.

Tired of Green Bay, technology people showing up with a hard sales pitch? Sick of hearing the camera shutter while you stare into the corner of your office waiting for them to leave? TechRx Inc. has enterprise capabilities to get you going, and we are darn good at it. What we don’t have is annoying sales people. You want technology that works, you expect it at a price that’s not crazy. That is what we do. Your NEC phone system looks twenty years old. Our Fortinet Phone system offers upgrades and enhancements with voice over IP. Let’s upgrade you without Shortel.  TechRx Inc. believes in providing a solution based upon solid vendors, not ones that pay the highest commission and spiffs. Don’t get caught locked into a solution that will cost your business money in renewal fees, call us first. 920-884-1195.

Technology in Green Bay Stinks!

Jason Davies, of TechRx Inc. holds certifications and relationships with big names like VMWare, Cisco, Microsoft, Wilson, Meraki, Fortinet, Lifesize, so, while you might think we are a small company, we have what the top heavy Green Bay, WI computer and technology folks do without the top heavy overhead.  TechRx Inc. provides cloud based networking, SIP and VoIP phone systems, so even if Green Bay Technology isn’t your thing, it won’t stop us from servicing your business needs.

TechRx Inc. doesn’t believe in the “same old” –  that’s just an excuse to keep billing you and tell innovation to take a hike. Instead, we prove how we can help your business profit and save money by providing technology consulting, business phone systems, acoustical solutions, business process improvement for local government, business, enterprise, and anyone who simply wants to improve their existing information technology operating budget.

I.T Transparency

Many big and archaic computer repair companies love to sell you time and make a fortune on renewing that time.  Once they have you, then you feel the obligation to buy hardware from them at a huge price.  It’s often a love, hate relationship that ends up in conflict. Often, these vendors want to have meetings with you; kind of a crappy thing don’t you think? Waste your time, because, they want to sell you something to increase their profits and not yours?

At TechRx Inc. you will learn how to reduce cost by utilizing efficient technologies.

TechRx Inc. 920-884-1195 for the best IT anywhere. Since we utilize cloud based technology, we can configure your network in our office; ship it to you, and maintain from anywhere in the world!

My gracious client’s have many accolades for me as well, and I wanted to share them.

“The improvements have given us the confidence to look at other projects (cloud based phone system, video conferencing) that we wouldn’t have considered a few months ago.  Did I also mention that our storage

space has increased by more than ten times?   You proposed a solution. You said it would work when others said it wouldn’t.  You got the job done, and you were 100% right.  No doubt in my mind we did the right thing.

                        Charlie Brawner. – Director of I.T. – Tweet Garot Mechanical Inc.


Jason is an amazingly talented technology expert. He recently bailed us (Cherry Optical, Inc) out with his data recovery skill. The hard drive on a mission critical lathe crashed. The lathe manufacturer said the earliest they could get us a new hard drive was 3-5 days. Jason took our SOS call, imaged the hard drive and then spent his entire night (until 2:30AM) with us until the machine was back up and running. His knowledge saved us immeasurable amount of money and customer satisfaction.


For the past 10 years there has been only 1 person we call for technology support and consulting and that is TechRx. We will never consider another vendor for our technology needs.”

                                                            Adam Cherry – President Cherry Optical Inc.

We have utilized Jason’s skills and expertise for 10 years at the Town of Ledgeview and have come to rely on Jason for all of our technology needs. He is a wise investment for anything IT!

                                              Sarah Burdette. – Administrator Town of Ledgeview.


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