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Image every bit of data on a hard drive. Now, think about every childhood memory, important homework document, and the first steps the baby took.  Get ready to cry, that data is now gone forever.  In three simple sentences, hard drive recovery just got real. TechRx Inc. helps people every day who deal with lost data, missing memories, baby steps, erased portrait sessions, corporate data, the final email a relative wrote before riding off into the sunset. That data is valuable.  That data is so valuable that it should be backed up, preserved, written in stone or otherwise kept in a safe place. Often, that data is neglected and by not acting to protect it, it gets lost.

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The true reality of information technology and computer systems is simple:  Saving money starts with increasing productivity.  TechRx Inc. is far more than simply technology. TechRx Inc. is knowledge, professionalism, function, and reality. TechRx Inc. is the company many other technology companies consult with when they are stuck on a problem. We work inside of industrial environments, fabrication companies, optical labs, medical clinics, auto repair shops, and this experience is what differentiates TechRx from everyone else.  My role in forensic investigating enables me to pattern data quickly, and use this information to develop solutions. Perhaps, TechRx is even more than an organization can handle, but so is any expert, that’s why we have been around for over ten years, and achieve the best results. Don’t call now if there isn’t an urgent need. TechRx Inc. is here to problem solve the most difficult situation and have an answer. We make people feel calm, assured, and at ease because we don’t second guess, we solve first. Want to discuss a project that needs help? Please feel welcome to call, or contact us.

Computer Repair Services

TechRx provides computer repair services in Green Bay, Manitowoc, Oshkosh, Appleton, Little Chute, Ashwaubenon, De Pere, and Suamico. Microsoft Certified Professional, A+ Certified, and over 15+ years of experience.  Primarily I service businesses. Residential needs will be addressed at our billing rate of $150 per hour Monday through Friday.  It is rare that anything takes more than an hour to resolve including computer viruses.  TechRx does not compete on price as all our customers are billed at the same rate.  Large corporate contracts are discounted to reflect a the significant investment.  Printers, Computers, Virus Removal, Upgrades, Power Supply replacements are all my forte. I also configure networks, fix networks that go off line, deal with wireless networking issues and viruses that crashed your computer.  In addition, TechRx handles Citrix, Terminal Service issues, distributed printing, Active Directory, we work with hundreds of different software titles in a variety of industries.  TechRx is quite formal, and very professional. TechRx, handles a variety of medical clinics as well, including project implementation of meaningful use.

One Chance Only

Don’t bother calling TechRx unless that data is something worth saving and paying for. When a friend attempts to fix the drive, it will turn into junk. Friends are good at helping through the loss, but they are not engineers trained in hard drive recovery.  The last time things started feeling difficult in life, the doctor was called and not a friend. TechRx provides hard drive recovery and we are trained professionally to do so.  TechRx has hard drive recovery equipment that recovers memories every single day of the year.  Why allow that miserable failure of a computer company an opportunity to further damage the memories, photos, and documents that are valuable?  Computer companies do not have the expertise to handle difficult hard drive recovery. They have enough knowledge to be dangerous and cause catastrophic failure and destroy valuable data.  Important memories worth saving, of course they are but reality speaks louder. Data recovery is not about price, it is about results. Trust TechRx, this way those memories can be preserved, saved, and recovered. If the hard drive has one opportunity to be recovered, allow the expert in hard drive data recovery to be the person who does that. Look around right now to find out more and while here click a few pages to  learn things about technology, computer repair, data, and even see some great pictures.  TechRx will give a firm quote once we see the drive to determine successful recovery likelihood.

TechRx gets results by being able to focus on saving data, not destroying it. TechRx has impressive reviews from our client base, not because we ask them but because they volunteer to do so. TechRx is about reality, knowledge, and professionalism. The reason this paragraph is buried on purpose for those who seek out the right solution. Anyone can make claims they recover and repair computers and do the work for very few dollars. On the other hand, TechRx Inc. will stay at the office until 2AM so important computer equipment and machines critical to business operations are running the next morning. Very few companies can make that claim, even some of North East Wisconsin’s largest will not go the distance.

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Need to find more information about antivirus products?  TechRx, Inc. is a local reseller of Avast. You can find out more information by clicking this link to Avast Website or simply clicking on the Image below. Searching to buy corporate antivirus solutions, look no further:  TechRx, Inc. can help select the perfect package utilizing Avast products. Help prevent costly data recovery issues by using antivirus software from Avast. Also, recovering erased and deleted hard drives including the Western Digital mybook.

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