data recovery hard drive recovery WordPress blog

data recovery hard drive recovery WordPress blog

TechRx Inc. The name decision makers choose when they want transparent I.T solutions 920-884-1195

Technology so simple, you will get I.T. 

You  need real solutions and everybody does I.T, but you run a real business, municipality, police station, and you can’t keep paying people to learn on the job while you loose sleep. Even if you are an insomniac. There is nothing wrong with being one either.

The Problem: Finding a qualified I.T professional takes a huge company with hundreds of employees to get the job done right, or does it?

Enter TechRx Inc.

One man, with a passion for I.T excellence who has so much experience by working in hundreds of environments, thousands of situations, that he found a way to simply mash it all together and come up with I.T you can see results with and ease of implementation, then found a way to bring it to you, with cost savings you can actually realize.

Why trust the most important part of your lively hood to just anybody. TechRx Inc. holds themselves accountable, to demonstrate we know our tech. Each year, we save our clients money. Didn’t think that was possible, then it’s time to start turning that deaf ear onto TechRx Inc.

Learn when your employees are wasting time on Facebook when they should be working.  Get the latest gossip before they know you know. This is what technology is about, transparency.

So what exactly can I help you with:

Had enough of that old I.T game, now it’s time to take the steps towards moving forward. Here, try it, just dial or sing 920-884-1195.

I can say anything I want about myself but if you are undecided if my services are for you, please read what current clients have said about me:

“The improvements have given us the confidence to look at other projects (cloud based phone system, video conferencing) that we wouldn’t have considered a few months ago.  Did I also mention that our storage

space has increased by more than ten times?   You proposed a solution. You said it would work when others said it wouldn’t.  You got the job done, and you were 100% right.  No doubt in my mind we did the right thing.

                        Charlie Brawner. – Director of I.T. – Tweet Garot Mechanical Inc.


Jason is an amazingly talented technology expert. He recently bailed us (Cherry Optical, Inc) out with his data recovery skill. The hard drive on a mission critical lathe crashed. The lathe manufacturer said the earliest they could get us a new hard drive was 3-5 days. Jason took our SOS call, imaged the hard drive and then spent his entire night (until 2:30AM) with us until the machine was back up and running. His knowledge saved us immeasurable amount of money and customer satisfaction.


For the past 10 years there has been only 1 person we call for technology support and consulting and that is TechRx. We will never consider another vendor for our technology needs.”

                                                                                           Adam Cherry – President Cherry Optical Inc.

We have utilized Jason’s skills and expertise for 10 years at the Town of Ledgeview and have come to rely on Jason for all of our technology needs. He is a wise investment for anything IT!

                                                                                                                Sarah Burdette. – Administrator Town of Ledgeview


Let’s Connect! 

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